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Michael Khalfani Founder/Creative Director
About Michael Khalfani Founder/Creative Director

Michael Khalfani aka DISCO DADDY was the west coast's first dj/mc and 'rap' recording artist. In 1981 he wrote and recorded the first west coast 'rap' record 'Gigolo Rap' with his partner 'Captain Rap. In 1983 he was the first to organize west coast breakdancers into what became known as the "World Famous L.A. Breakers Breakdance Company,the official breakdance company for Mcdonalds on the west coast,Adidas on the west coast,and am radio1580kday. Often referred to as the 'father of west coast hip-hop',he is recognized as being one of the most influential figures in west coast hip-hop history! In October 2014 he entered the 'Guinness Book of World Records' and in August 2015 'ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE' listed his song,Gigolo Rap' as one of the "20 greatest west coast rap songs before N.W.A"...In 2016 he was appointed to the West Coast Advisory Board of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum and in August 2016 was the chief architect and coproducer with Carmelo Alvarez and the West Coast Advisory Board of the Stage of the Arts/Universal Hip-Hop Museums' '33rd OG RADIOTRON 'PEACE IN THE STREETS MUSIC FEST at Macarthur Park in l.a. In September 2016 he was inducted along with 'Soul Train Dancers' of all eras into the New African American Museum of Art and Culture in Washington DC. On January 6th,2017,Mr. Khalfani began hosting a new 'cutting edge' worldwide internet radio program,"HIP-HOP YA DON'T STOP" which documents the evolution of hip-hop from its' birth in nyc through interviews with the living legends who helped lay the foundation. On July 8th 2017 he began hosting his own internet radio program,"DISCO DADDYS' WIDE WORLD OF HIP-HOP"... and 2017 is also the year he established the worlds' first hip-hop theatrical company,"DISCO DADDYS' HIP- HOP THEATRICAL ENSEMBLE" which is based in Los Angeles. His autobiography,"WHATEVER HAPPENED TO DISCO DADDY" will be published in the fall of 2017.

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